How to bring product mgmt to an organization

Apply Design Thinking to your new responsibility. Stop focusing on the Herculean end-goal, as that is almost a gravity situation that you cannot solve for. After following the previous comments' advice understanding where you and the organization are today, including identifying pain points, you need to start with small (think Scrum user stories here) problems that can be solved with immediate actions. As you start solving the immediately simple problems, the harder larger problems may become less daunting and action steps toward those problems will likely come into clearer view. Don't be afraid to experiment. Don't be afraid to admit publicly that a solution failed and now you will be trying another solution. As time goes by, openly communicate out your successes, failures, and next steps, asking for feedback from all level and discipline of colleagues. That communication will rally supporters and people who want to get behind your leadership to collaborate and help. Sounds easy right? It's not, but thinking this way will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed, which will lead to pride and fulfillment in your new job, which will lead to quality results and followers.

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